Central Satellite Systems

Teknoline Technological Systems S.A., founded in 2006, works on satellite (SMATV), Cable TV (CATV), Terrestrial Satellite (MATV), Camera (CCTV), Intercom (Video-Audio Intercom Systems) and Fiber Optical Distribution systems. Production, design, and application are made with 100% domestic and advanced technology.

Teknoline Technological Systems S.A., which is the company of fiber optical central satellite systems pioneer “Tekniksat Group”, uses the most advanced technology for satellite distribution systems in Turkey.


Our Values

Result Focused

As a fast, dynamic and hard-working team, we love to make it difficult. We focus on our goal, and we strive to be a leader in the sector with our cost leadership. We achieve our results by exhibiting sustainable and measurable efficiency.

We Are A Competent Team

We are open to continuous development and we care. We value learning and learning as a team. We feel responsible for our work and results, and we improve our competencies to get results. We take care to realize all these with positive and optimistic communication skills, making life easier.

Reliable and Trustworthy

In all our actions, we always take care to have high business ethics, to be consistent, to be honest, to be respectful to others, to be respectful to others, to be in the best manner and to represent our institution in every sense.

We Strive For Innovation

We take care to be creative, changeable and open to opportunities. We take measurable risks to produce new ideas and to assess existing opportunities.

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