As Teknoline family, we serve with discovery, projecting, application and technical service support to exclusive institutions and companies by experienced team according to customer requests.

The most important system that we care in projecting is to respond to the customer by installing system with less amount and high quality components in a cost-effective way. Developing seamless, economic and easy-installed products makes a significant advantage in project costs.

We offer the most suitable solution according to determined need by using existing facilities in the most efficient way and making cost recovery. We add value to your project by this way.

At first, we must understand your needs carefully to analyse process details well. After the analysis, we make "projects special for you" that makes energy advantage and cost-efficient in process from projecting to choosing most suitable components.

The major difference of Teknoline in satellite sector is to be able to make changes in a system, develop product and make product alive according to need.

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