Devices in our projects are mostly from our own production, other supplied are applied after choosing and testing carefully. That's why established and reliable companies choose Tekniksat products with common consortiums.


A certain amount of TV and radio channels (approx. 24-60) are collected into a center, and they are distributed with an analog signal which regular TV receivers can recognize with Tekniksat Headend Systems.

There is no need for any interface (receiver, decoder...etc) to provide broadcast to TVs. A direct cable connection between plug and TV is enough.

That's why large public housings, hotels, hospitals choose these systems.


Fiber optical technologies which are used at internet and other wide area network are the fast, lossless and the latest technological system that are applied to tight spaces and provides easy mounting.

Satellite systems, network and phone services, private security cameras, alarms, intercom system and audio/video systems can work with this infrastracture.

Fiber applications are easy and effective technological investment for your needs in future. Tekniksat gives mounting and technical support in this field.


Technological comfort became one of the basic needs for today's people. This phenomenon improves its scope spatially and plays an important role in hotel rooms which are demanded comfort in highest level. Conventional TV distribution and watching solutions in hotels and hospitals do not provide that comfort. Because of that, it gives place to its new inheritor, IPTV.

In IPTV system; streams are taken from satellites like in conventional systems, but instead of distributing it with cables, each channels are assigned with unique IP by the devices called streamer, and streaming is done to hotel's existing LAN network.

Customers can access the broadcasted content from TVs in their rooms by the receivers (set-top box, STB).

With this system; customers can watch unlimited amount of TV stream in HD and SD, videos, hotel intro and info videos; can access the internet and can access all media and internet stuff by the set-top box.


Security cameras are monitoring devices with the most reliable, strong and guaranteed results by the fast-developing technology. This system is used for any unwanted negative actions. Security cameras are used in houses, offices, workplaces, malls and lots of places for monitoring and keeping them controlled and safe.

Fixed and mobile security cameras for place and situation make them easy to choose for customers. Fixed cameras are used for places where are monitored constantly. It is important to prefer this type of cameras for area where will be monitored. Suitable lens is chosen for width and length of the area. Mobile cameras are the cameras which can be used horizontal and vertical, can be zoomed, and are controlled with remote controller. Regardless of indoor or outdoor, business owners can use them safely.

Besides of the quality of device, additional equipments have to be chosen carefully in installation of security cameras. The quality of image-carrying cables and accessories is also very important for seamless and high-quality images. So, it is significant to choose camera according to need and place to use. Otherwise, the result can be worse.

No matter what, security is always important and life saver. If it is wanted to provide the system seamlessly, cameras should be chosen according to need and installation should be done by experienced, expert people.

Where Are the Camera Systems Used;
  • To record cases like theft
  • To ensure security in garden, field or building environment
  • To make forensic evidence for possible incidents in places where are needed to be watched.
  • To watch works of staff
  • In conversation with the customer and the control of the communication
  • To control of babysitter, maids in homes
  • To trace money trading in safe
  • To trace store shelfs and products in storage /li>
  • To watch the behavior, communication of sudents in schools
  • To control refectory and canteens
  • To control passengers, driver, assistant and hostesses in public transportation
  • To control factory and machines in production line whether they work right

Video Intercom Systems is the system which allows to talk with audio/video in apartments. Especially, they are used in apartments and public housing. Also there are some pruducts which are used individually in villas and workplaces. It is used for identification of coming people in office and workplaces.

Video intercom systems are preferred in lots of construction projects. They are preferred in construction sector for communication between apartments, with security, with social facilities.

Video intercom systems differs in prices according to their screen sizes and product features. Screen sizes ranges from 4.3" to 7".

Video intercom systems can be used for communication by running monitors in flats, bell panels, power supplys together.

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