TFR 10/10 Fiber Optical Receiver

Product Code: TFR 10/10 RECEIVER

Large and solves the fiber optic light signals and converts it into coaxial signals for long-distance project.Gain adjustment can be done through their attenuator on.The LED indicators voltage, we can check whether the system is working.External terrestrial extra camera broadcast headend broadcast QAM broadcasts entered the building.
Fiber optic receiver system via a single fiber cable
Gain adjustment for each output
Voltage LED indicators
External terrestrial input
-18 DB up to work feature
Highly insulated special power supply in the feed
SC / APC connector system
Stylish look with a new chassis ear design
Maxi division 32
Connector 1 SC/APC (Full Band) Optic Connector
Frequency Range SAT. 950-2150 Mhz
Frequency Range Terr. 47-870 Mhz
SAT Gain 26dB±1
Terr Gain 33dB±2
Atternator adjustment 0...20dB
Max. Optical Input Power 2mW
Optical Wavelength 1270...1430nm (CWDM)
Isolation SAT-SAT >35dB
Isolation SAT-TERR >40dB
Power Supply 12V-5V 3000mA / 18W
Ambient Temperature -25...+50Cº
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