[TFR 14 AGC] Fiber Optical Receiver

Product Code: TFR 14 AGC

  • Fiber optic receiver system over a smgle fiber cable
  • 4 splits with the splitter circuits inside
  • 4 output independent from each other
  • Corrymg SAT signal with single cable
  • 20dB goin adjustment for level
  • Voltage led indicator
  • Led wornmg system showing that the device is powered
  • Can work up to -16dB
  • SC/APC connector system
  • Independent selectmg option between manuel and AGC for output level
  • Sat output level can be adjustable from 60dB to 90dB
  • Desired and unchanged constant output level with AGC system
  • A stylish look and max insulation thanks to special case
  • Can fed with a voltage from a lower unit
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