What are intercom systems? What are the features?

What are intercom systems? What are the features?

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Intercom systems are used for making buildings, apartments, villas, or workplaces safer by house owners. Thanks to intercom systems, it is possible to increase both security and comfort in any property. These systems have the feature of storing historical data. In this way, the data can be reached by these systems after a long time.

An intercom system is a device that enables the communication between people. Today, intercoms differ in the type of connection used. They are classified into three types: analog, digital, and IP-based. Intercom systems continue to gain new features every day. Thanks to today's modernity, we can transmit and receive audio and video digitally.

It is possible to use intercom systems in all areas, but the main purpose of managing intercom systems is communication and access to the property. The intercom system includes a microphone, a speaker, and sometimes a camera. Thanks to the microphone, speaker, and camera, you can see who is coming to the property and communicate easily without opening the door. Today, there are many types of intercom systems. Some of them are wireless others are designed to be wired according to their usage areas.

The most common types of intercom systems are as follows:

  • Wireless intercoms
  • Wired intercoms
  • Voice intercoms
  • Video intercoms
  • Apartment intercoms
  • Commercial intercoms
  • Office intercoms
  • Door intercoms

The benefits of the intercom system are as follows:

  • You can see and talk to the person at the outer door of the property at that moment.
  • Depending on the features of the intercom systems, you can communicate to the site management, security guards, market, or restaurant.

  • You can make audio and video calls between apartments on the property.
  • You can also connect with security cameras and monitor areas such as parking lots and playgrounds.
  • The host can open the door of the building with an ID card or password.


IP Intercom Systems and Features

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IP intercom system is completely IP-based. IP Intercom does not need any video splitter or amplifier settings as analog systems do. Installation and maintenance of the IP intercom system are simple. Having 1 or 1000 rooms in the building does not cause any problems. Video and audio quality is the same for all rooms in the network. The video resolution is high, and the sound is clear. The important thing here is the type and quality of the cable used. IP intercom systems require less wiring than ordinary intercoms. CAT5/6 type cable is used for these systems.

The IP intercom system has a bell panel, an indoor unit, and POE distribution switches. Apart from all of these, there is no need for this material. All incoming calls to the flat are recorded on indoor monitors. All apartments in the building can call each other. If you do not want to take advantage of this feature, you can disable this feature via the software. Thanks to IP intercom systems, you can take instant photos. Even when you are not at home, this system records the picture of the person who comes to your home or office and records them so that you can be aware of the calls.


Two-Wired Video Intercom Systems and Features


Two-wired video intercom systems have only two wires. One of these cables is for power, and the other is for audio and video. They have an advanced camera and Power Line Communication (PLC) technology. Video intercom systems are different from apartment diaphone systems. This camera system allows you to communicate with your guests at the door. Thanks to the video intercom systems, you can access the entrance door and the images of the security cameras placed around the building.


CAT5 Video Intercom Systems and Features

Video intercoms are often used at entrance doors by house owners. The camera and speaker are connected to the entrance door by each. It is possible to perform all operations with one button. There is a monitor to transmit the camera image to the host. Such an intercom system provides the opportunity to establish the identity of factors before allowing a person to enter. Video intercoms are mostly wired to reduce the risk of interference. Cat-5 cables are used in wired intercom systems. Cat-5 cables are sufficient for home users and non-professional data processing businesses. Cat-5 cables are more affordable. Cat-5 cable can provide high performance up to 70 meters distance if this distance increases, there may be a weakness in data transmission. As there is no extra material outside the cables, Cat-5 cables can easily be confused, and they may be adversely affected during data transfer. This system, which is ideal for your home, will be insufficient for professional businesses.

Intercom systems have come to offer us many services apart from opening doors. By combining audio and video communication in building management and security, it allows us the best services.

As Teknoline, we aim to offer you the best service with the technologies we have developed. Contact us for more information and ordering about our products!

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